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About Macedonia

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Skopje - Introduction

In its 2,500 years of existence, Macedonia’s welcoming capital city has had many different embodiments. All of them – from Roman to Byzantine, from Ottoman to Yugoslav – have left permanent traces on the city as is evidenced by Skopje’s varied architecture and its mix of cultures. Yet in addition to its strong historical associations, Skopje is a forward-looking city offering an abundance of modern amenities and attractions...


Ohrid - the city and the lake

The city of the immortal Ohrid is the sublime lakeside point that for many represents the culmination of the Macedonian experience, a kingdom of light and water, a repository of ancient ruins from Macedonia’s earlier kingdoms...



Bitola - Introduction

Macedonia’s second biggest city Bitola is a grand old town that still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance being a center for diplomacy...

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Skopje Botanical Gardens

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The Botanical Garden in Skopje has been established in 1948 and it is the only botanical garden in Macedonia. The Botanical Garden hosts numerous species of the flora from Macedonia, the Balkan Peninsula and other parts of the world. It preserves endangered plants in ‘ex situ’ conditions; cultural events also take place in the Botanical Garden.
On a small area of 450 m2, of acclimatization, growing and reproduction of endemic, relict, rare and medicinal plants of the Macedonian flora, there is a rare opportunity to see a part of our plant species which are known for their pharmacological properties.

The Garden is ideally suited to coach parties or visits by large groups, with so much to see, visits can easily last the entire day. Registration is on a first - come - first - served basis upon receipt of registration form. Payment is required to be made only upon confirmation of the organizers. For safety reasons, tours will be cancelled should it rain heavily in the mornings of the tours.
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Krushevo Adventure

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Accommodation in Hotel Montana;
-Krushevo offers a broad range of activities - on the very ski track, covered in green, and coniferous trees instead of snow, the visitor will be taken for a horse ride in the mountain;
-Take a break at the slope of the mountain, with a cup of coffee and the renowned Krushevo lokum (a traditional Macedonian dessert);
-Lunch outdoors;
-Visit of Mechkin Kamen;
-Dinner at the hotel, followed by an organized Karaoke party.
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